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When questioning one's inner moral compass, violence is probably one of the losers on a scale of good and evil. Violence is bad - that seems to be the consensus. But perhaps one's own course of streaming services, last visit to the cinema or book purchase allows other conclusions to be drawn. Action, crime and thrillers are still among the most popular genres. We shoot and kill, and our brains seem to get a kick out of it. A glance at the news suggests that perspective and interests always play a role in the evaluation of violence. When is violence considered necessary and even justified? And which forms of violence influence us? 

Radically honest and analytical, four performers from Colombia, Germany and Austria get to the bottom of their own experiences of violence. In doing so, they put their fingers into political, structural, physical and emotional wounds, scratch at generation-spanning scars and tear open encrusted ideas, always in search of change.  

Trailer & Impressions

"fiction&just&fication" (2022) 


PERFORMANCE Saeed Pezeshki, Juan Sebastian Angarita Bustos // María Paula Rodriguez Gutierrez // Elena Schmidt // Mika Hoffmeister // ASSISTANCE Silvia Trujillo // CONCEPT & IDEA Felix Banholzer & Saeed Pezeshki // TEXT Ensemble // SPECIAL THANKS to Paula Alejandra Romero Solano, Simon Eifeler, Janna Hüttebräucker, Lisa Lehnen, Viola Hilbing 

Supported by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the NRW State Office for the Liberal Performing Arts and the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations. 

Supported by the German Embassy Colombia and the Goethe-Institut Bogotá.


Teatro La Garaje
Bogotá, Columbia

15. + 16.11.2022

Kulturbunker Cologne-Mülheim


Kulturbunker Cologne-Mülheim 

The evening ends with a concert of MIKAOS


The performance is staged in English, Spanish and German.