Our education format is now called beyond - because cultural education work is so much more than education!

We connect with beyond. Internationally, regionally, with you.

Our international network of artists and other people in the cultural sector enriches our work with many different experiences, perspectives and skills. Collaborative work brings professions and ideas together, opening up stages and spaces for opportunities and visions.

For us, experimentation, failure and an artistic approach are just as much a part of our work as cultural education.

bridgeworks is clearly against the hierarchization of cultures and for an equal working method. The principles of fair cooperation are constantly reflected upon: Who approaches whom with which idea? What knowledge is used to make decisions? Who is provided with which (monetary) resources?

With activities, workshops and dialog events, we create spaces for encounters, for exchange, for thought experiments, for arguments, for fun, for reflection, for thinking ahead, for rethinking. Get to know us and our work! 

Get involved in something new!

Every visit to the theater, every art, music or dance project, every workshop means taking a leap into the deep end: what can I expect, what will I experience this time and what new impressions will I have afterwards?

With beyond, we make our work(s) more approachable, transparent, understandable and interactive for you. We provide guidance and open up the space for your participation, reflection, questions and thoughts. Get involved in something new! For each production, we come up with a supporting program that awaits you before or after certain performances. 

Argue with us!

Durch unsere transkulturellen Koproduktionen eröffnen wir Raum für Begegnungen, Workshops und Bildungsaktivitäten. Wir bleiben neugierig, suchen immer wieder nach neuen Ansätzen und Formaten, die neue Aspekte im Bereich der kulturellen Bildung auf der Grundlage des Prinzips der fairen Zusammenarbeit berücksichtigen. Wir wollen die Kommunikation und den globalen künstlerischen Austausch neu gestalten: immer in der Entwicklung. 

Try yourself out!

We organize workshops on our annual theme, on productions and with our network of international artists.

Whether for schools, daycare centers or individuals with different backgrounds, ages and life realities: Our workshops are a place for you all to try things out! 

Team up with us!

We cooperate not only with our international network, but also with local actors in order to advance our topics. And with those who are working on issues that we are also working on. We in art and they in a different way. These are, for example, urban designers, actors from the mobility movement, climate activists and many more. 

Diversity: International Network Arts Education 

At the heart of our work are the many artists in our network.

In 2022, we laid the foundation for a mediation network in which professional artists with a passion for mediation can exchange ideas and learn from each other. Artists from the bridgeworks network, from music, dance, theater and from all over the world are involved in the process. We exchange ideas on forms of practice and methods and look for ways to work together. 


Viola Hilbing is responsible for contextualization & mediation and is looking forward to getting to know you!

Get in touch at:
+49 156 78 946703 

The development process of our "Contextualization + Mediation" section was supported in 2022 + 2023 by the Socioculture Fund with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR.