Cultural education.

not cute!

„NOT CUTE“ is our way of approaching the field of cultural education: We address the pressing questions concerning our collective futures – and the issues of a shared now. Drawing from our artistic productions, projects and a diverse, transcultural network of creatives, we aspire to realise our goals regarding equal participation, redistribution and transparency. In all we do, we oppose the hierarchisation of cultures.

We understand culture and cultural education as a fluid process. We build bridges and create spaces for meaningful encounters, constantly reassessing definitions and relationships using our artistic vocabulary. For us, experimentation, failure and artistic ambition are just as important as the guiding principles of cultural education.

So let's dive in!


The art-lab is one of the foundations of our work: within the framework of this format, we we invite our network to engage in a peer-to-peer learning experience once a year. In the process, we strike up new formats connecting creatives all over the world and get inspired by multi-disciplinary impulses from our various experts.


Through our transcultural co-productions, we open up room for encounters, workshops and educational activities. We stay curious, keep looking for new approaches and formats that consider new aspects in the field of cultural education based on the principle of fair cooperation. We want to re-shape communication and global artistic exchange: always evolving.


We take participation, self-positioning and a change of perspective seriously. Before every cooperation, we ask ourselves: Who approaches whom – with what idea? On which basis do we make our decisions concerning power and competence? Who is provided with which (monetary) resources? Our local and international network consists of very different people with their own experiences, perspectives, disciplines and skillsets. We work collaboratively and fluidly according to the principle of fair cooperation. By bringing together professions and ideas on an equal footing, we expand our network. We free up stages, spaces, and opportunities: for a united vision.

Video documentation "Romeo & Juliet" visiting schools (2021)

6 weeks, 6 schools in NRW, 6 artists, 9 performances, 120 students and their teachers - in late summer 2021 we were able to realize the interactive adaptation of the Ugandan-German co-production "Romeo and Juliet in Kampala" for a young audience. With the artistic workshops, the participatory concept linked directly to the realities of young people's lives. This way, it was possible to create a new approach to the classic material of "Romeo and Juliet" and to enter into intercultural exchange at eye level. The video offers a glimpse of the artists' work with the students. 

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Head of cultural education

Viola Hilbing