We are an inter­disciplinary artist network and cooperation office for trans­cultural work.

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Driven by curiosity and the joy of dialogue, we set out to open up new perspectives through interdisciplinary international productions. At the intersection of performing arts, literature, film and music, we develop sustainable social visions of the future: We deconstruct stereotypes and prejudices – to connect with each other through the arts.

As a creative office for international cooperation, we offer artists structural support and a reliable framework. We arrange projects and contacts, establish artistic spaces and share knowledge. By making our work process visible, by celebrating the highs and lows, opening up about successes and failures, we communicate our art through authenticity. With workshops in the field of cultural education, we connect to our local audiences – internationally and regionally.

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Our Pixie gives you a summarised insight into our work. We explain how we work and why - and share photos from selected projects with you! Click here to download:

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Let's cooperate: fair, transparent, global.


Our goal: to make transcultural work equal. We are convinced that the sharing of resources, workload and profit increases the artistic quality of a project – and most certainly improves its chances of success. That is why we have established the principle of "fair-coop": At the beginning of each production, all participants work out a community agreement. With this individual code of conduct, we ensure a low-hierarchy environment, a laboratory for thought experiments and a blueprint for non-discriminatory cooperation. Always at the centre: the collaborative, compassionate and ethical production of art.

The bridgeworks Formula.


We have developed a strategy for sustainable transcultural cooperations centered around three interlocking formats: "art-lab", "co-pro" and "dia-log". This allows us to initiate and accompany international co-productions in the best possible way and make them accessible to a wider audience.


A bubbling lab for international exchange as a melting pot of genres: artists with different cultural identities and focuses research and work together on a socially relevant topic. bridgeworks moderates the discussion of the thematic complex and encourages the participants to explore their own artistic handwriting. The art-lab aims to expand the participants' network and to transfer transcultural competences as well as interdisciplinary skills. The results of the art-lab are shared with the public: performances or artistic presentations find their audience.


The co-pro supports professional, international cooperation projects: We assist individuals, groups or collectives with our expertise in the field of transcultural cooperation. This includes help with applications and fundraising as well as making use of our network of artists. For a collaboration to qualify as a co-pro, artists from (at least) two different nations must be involved in the project, and the project must fulfil the fair-coop criteria. The artistic result of the co-pro will be shown at both locations. Collaborative projects that originate from an art-lab are particularly encouraged.


A digital and analogue place of discussion and sharing, dialogue and creative discourse. We are looking for collective answers: How do we envision a future society? How does an artwork function in different social and cultural contexts? We discuss political and social issues in essays, talks and panels. Experts from different fields such as art, sociology, architecture, philosophy and politics encounter personal stories of transcultural work. In cooperation with local institutions and actors, we reveal new perspectives on topics that move us and our audience.


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