2077 – Who wants to survive

a palestinian-german coproduction

"My name is Harry Harrison. I'm a detective. Private detective, if you want to get specific. Not only the best in the whole enclave - but the cheapest. The only one, anyway. The only one alive, to be exact. Well, it's a tough job. And you go through tough times. But the toughest day for me was yesterday. Where do I start? For some time, people disappeared. Just like that. Nobody knew why. They just disappeared. And anyone could be next."

The year is 2077, and after humanity has conquered poverty, disease, and hunger, and dissolved nation-states, the world's elites set out to achieve immortality, eternal happiness, and biotechnical optimization. The more success they have in this endeavor, the more humans become obsolete. With the help of cyborgs and artificial intelligence, the elites get rid of this "useless mass" and lock them up by the millions in enclaves that are sealed off from the rest of the world by high walls. In these mega-ghettos, poverty, disease and hunger are making a huge comeback - there is no thought of an ordinary life there. In the juggernaut of such an enclave, detective Harold Harrison investigates ...

2077" takes up highly topical contemporary phenomena and plays with scientifically based visions of the future. These are packaged as an English-language monologue with only one actor. It becomes dystopian, a bit dark - and very entertaining!

The piece...

... is a coproduction in fair cooperation between bridgeworks, dem fred / freies ensemble düsseldorf, Al-Kasaba Theatre and Cinemateque and Ashtar Theatre Ramallah.

... developed out of our intensive cooperation with our partners in Ramallah.

...  the piece in arabic language has already been shown several times at different locations in Palestine.


ACTING Emile Andre Saba // TEXT Bayan Shbib // Simon Eifeler // MUSIC Christian Beppo Peters // DIRECTING AND IDEA Simon Eifeler // DRAMATURGY Iman Aoun // CULTURAL MANAGEMENT Viola Hilbing // Janna Hüttebräucker // Samer Maklouf // Lisa Lehnen

Trailer & Impressions

"2077 - Who wants to survive" (2021)

photos: Christof Wolff




jeweils 19:00 Uhr
Kulturbunker Köln-Mülheim
Berliner Straße 20
51063  Köln


The piece is shown in english language.